Pastor Al Morgan is a man handpicked by God to enhance, equip and edify the body of Christ. His relatable yet revelatory knowledge is well respected and has become highly sought in such a short time. Using his ability to minister a powerful word coupled with knowledge and anointing to bring deliverance to the minds of the people of God, Pastor Morgan has traveled internationally in an effort to resurrect life in a dead place.


As he travels, God uses him as an instrument of healing to the Body of Christ and has given him “the tongue of the learned to speak a word in season to him that is weary!”

Pastor Morgan his planted several businesses that have birthed into development and training ground for people of all walks of life no matter of race, sex or creed. Missions and programs to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and to nurture and strengthen the people of God is where his heart lies. He, along with his wife Pastor Yolanda Morgan, are the founding pastors of Launch Ministries of Raleigh, North Carolina. Also, as President of Morgan Management, he and his wife own a successful full scale assisted living facility that provides housing for over 130 people.


Birthed out of the ministry of his spiritual father, Bishop George Bloomer after being a trusted son for several decades, Pastor Morgan is known as Faithful, Loyal, and Dedicated which has granted him God given opportunities, such as appearances on both The Word Network and Inspiration Networks as well as several newspaper and magazine spreads. Not only is he “the Called” but also “the Chosen”. Enjoy the ministry of Pastor Al Morgan!