Trish Harleston Ministries (THM) is a 501(c)3 public service organization committed to connecting believers to their God-appointed destiny. This organization is dedicated to providing resources and support for self-discovery, personal development, spiritual growth and skill enhancement by offering Biblically sound instruction, guidance through Christian counseling, motivational community sessions of professional growth and educational  resources through scholarship support.  

With the generous support of our donors, sponsors and ministry partners, we have hosted life-changing workshops, sessions and events that have resulted in transformation of financial stability, more effective communication, greater life balance, spiritual maturity, and advancement through an intentional shift in personal success strategies.   

We inspire others to develop a desire for greatness, a heart for people, and a passion to serve while seeking an undeniable love for God.  

Our Founder

Rev. Dr. Trish Harleston birthed THM as a catalyst to help women live beyond their self-defined prophecy to achieve personal greatness through a renewed destiny focused mindset.  As an ordained minister of the gospel, a published author and a certified Christian counselor, she has dedicated her life to helping others overcome past limitations by refusing to accept any circumstance as too difficult to change. 

She started this ministry through inspirational weekly blog posts in 2008 entitled the Weekly Word for Your Daily Walk.  Several components of the ministry emerged from this attempt to inspire others through a weekly message.  Dr. Harleston has built the Trish Harleston Ministries brand by engaging men, women and children of all ages to pursue the greatness that lies within. 

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THM Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for THM governs the organization, sets policy, oversees the direction and operation of the organization and secures financing to sustain its mission. This Team of Kingdom Focused Servants is dedicated to the vision of Trish Harleston Ministries. They commit their time, energy and resources to building an organization and planning ministry events that serve as a catalyst for altering the lives of others.   

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